Series: Student Ministry: The Sermon on the Mount

Over the past few weeks we have discussed the misinterpretation of different laws and the right interpretation of them. Jesus has shown us the meaning of the true meaning of the command not to commit murder and the command not to commit adultery, the seriousness of the marriage commitment, to be people of truth, giving grace instead of vengeance, and what was really meant by the command to love your neighbor. We have covered a lot of ground.

In this session, we discussed only one verse: Matthew 5:48.

“You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”-Matthew 5:48 ESV

We have noted in every message through these passages the inability to keep these laws perfectly. In every case, we have seen that we desperately fall short. We fall short of God’s glorious standard. We fall short of God’s righteous standard. And we see the standard here is perfection.

Jesus ends this portion of the Sermon on the Mount simply by saying that we are to be perfect as our “heavenly Father is perfect”. A standard which we have already seen that we cannot meet.

Jesus would live a perfect life, committing no sin and fulfilling all righteousness. A few years after the Sermon on the Mount Jesus would go to Calvary and die on a cross as the punishment for our sins, taking the punishment that was due us. We broke God’s Law and Jesus paid the punishment for us. He then rose from the dead three days later. Jesus conquered the power of sin and death. Jesus fulfilled all righteousness on our behalf.

When we see our failure to keep these Laws it drives us to Christ. We turn from sin and trust in Him and we are credited with Christ’s righteousness and our sins forgiven. Our failures bring us to see that we need the Savior. Our failures drive us to Christ.


R. Dwain Minor